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Each of the following earn a BIG Thankyou for helping contribute funds to assure

the next Pony Express in June is the biggest and best event yet

Team ZR-1 Racer's

Team ZR-1
John Rovner
Juan Sepulveda
Douglas Johnson
Dean Nelson
William Asbell
Jim Milstead
Paul Dehnert

Todd Truong
Dennis Duchmann
Mike Frumkin
Ray Raskin
Bill Maloney
Tony Gaples
Paul Gamsa
Cy Hakikawa

Vette Net

Steve Monjar
John Rovner
Jim Wiggins
Jack Morocco
Wayne Richardson
Alton Dobbins
Doug Hall
Bill & Maggie Paul

Miriam Petersen
Roy Allen
Ken Majewski
Tom Edwards *
Geof Schwer
Larry Wampler
Bill Jurasz
Ken Erickson
Maureen Milner

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