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The schedules for this 1999 season are the following five Open Road Races.

  1. April 16th weekend, at Fort Stockton Texas, 62 miles each direction for a total of 122 miles. Sanctioned by C.A.R.S
  2. ( special practice at Firestone tire test track )

  3. May 15th weekend, at Ely Nevada, 100 miles long. Sanctioned by S.S.C.C
  4. June 26th weekend, at Battlemountain Nevada, 84 miles long. Sanctioned by C.A.R.S
  5. Aug 15th weekend, also at B.M NV, 84 miles long reverse run from June race. Sanctioned by C.A.R.S
  6. Sept 18th weekend at Ely Nevada, 100 miles long. Sanctioned by S.S.C.C
  7. Rules:

    1. You must be a member in good standing with N.A.S.A and the groups hosting the races and must be a member of these groups.
    2. All rules pertaining to each event must be met by you.
    3. Season points are accrued by the official scores by the host of each event.
    4. You are responsible to notify me at mailto: jr@teamzr1.com and inform me which ORR events you will be attending.
    5. Scores are judged as to the ones coming closest to their target speeds and has no bearing as to what division or class you are running.
    6. Winning trophies are determined on those with the highest total of points and trophy depth will depend on how many cars attended. There will be a minimum of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies.
    7. You are responsible within 7 days after an ORR to work out any score you feel was incorrect with the host of that event and have them notify me of any official change.
    8. Scoring:

      1. ORR events winning places are from 1st to 3rd. A 1st place = 10 point, 2nd place = 7 points and a 3rd place = 4 points.
      2. A bonus of 2 points for coming within one second of your target speed.
      3. A bonus of 2 points if you won and had no navigator within the Grand Sport or higher division.
      4. If you are DQ'd for doing excess speed above your tech speed will be minus 5 points.
      5. Attending each ORR gains you 3 points if you finish and do not DQ, plus the points if you place.
      6. Attending an ORR that consists of running the course both directions, will earn another 2 points, if you finish and do not DQ, plus any points in placing.
      7. You cannot change your target speed within 2 days of the event.

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