ECM Custom Tuning

Custom Tuning of pre 1997 GM cars, pickups with gas engines that use a ECM whch has the tune in a E-prom
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  • ECM E-Prom Tune (Epromtune)
    This is for the older GM models from the 1980-mid 1990s that uses a ECM controller
    Plugged into the ECM is a Memcal that has a E-prom soldered in

    You would mail us the Memcal and then we do :

    1. Un-solder the Eprom
    2. Solder in a low profile I/C socket so now any new tunes a Eprom can be simply plugged in
    3. Using a new E-Prom we then burn in a new custom performance tune we do
    4. Mail you back the modified Memcal with tune installed.

    We also can do the tune if you email us the contents of the Eprom as a bin file, do the tune
    to email back and you have the ability of burning that tune into a E-Prom
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